1. What happens (Beam)
2. Flowers in the dirt (Beam)
3. All I can do (Beam)
4. This city’s cold (Beam)
5. Blonde blood (Beam)
6. She’s my drugs (Beam)
7. You won’t sleep (Beam)
8. Marie in the plains (Beam)
9. Breeze (Knipper)
10. One wild year (Beam)
11. Our lives (Beam)
12. Drugs – reprise (Beam)


beam: vocals, guitar, bass, tambourine
m.c. ugh: lead guitar, bass, backing vocals
knipper: guitar, vocals, harp, cajon, tambourine, bass

boonkid jackson: drums
martin moeller: drums
sven rademacher: bass
markus heinzel: bass, contrabass
marc noller: congas
isabel eichenlaub: cello

all words & music by tim beam
except “breeze” words & music by knipper
& “chorprobe” by knipper/droelle
all songs arranged by beam, knipper & m.c. ugh
backing vocal arrangements by m.c. ugh & knipper
recorded at liquidstudio, freiburg october 2006 – july 2007
recorded by markus heinzel, fred rapp & christian lehmann
mixed by markus heinzel, july 2007 at liquidstudio as well
mastered by jürgen lusky at hofa studios, karlsdorf, august 2007
photos by noah d. probst, britt schilling & the unknown allgäuer

produced by markus heinzel

Some Lyrics

Flowers in the Dirt

flowers in the dirt can make your eyes become pale
just around the corner they’ve got junk food for sale
my boots are made of leather and they walk with you still
there’s so much space to fill

panic in your blue eyes makes my hands shake
remember all those moments that have been so great
slash me with your malice i’m gettin’ thrilled
my pride’s been killed by you

why don’t you roll another cigarette with me
and tell your mother that you roll another cigarette with me

sometimes i gotta call you cause i’m on your hook
my eyes begin to sparkle if you give me one look
maybe we should have married some sunday in may
hand in hand away

your new man is a drinker well i hate him anyway
my girlfriend is a thinker she suspects me every day
your mother said she likes me and sports is okay
well i do it anyway

She's my drugs

everyone who’s tired of stupid love songs close your ears
i’m sorry but I’ll sing about my life and that’s for real
she’s not mine anymore
she’s my beauty she can make me work from 9 to 5
she’s my morning star she is my food she is my life
for hours I can simply sit just watch her in her sleep
and when she’s headin‘ off to berlin for days I cannot eat

she’s not mine anymore

she makes filthy puddles turn to caribbean sea
she makes every street she walks a place I’d like to be
she’s an angel head to toe I love her shiny hair
she’s my little hippie girl she sparkles when she’s there

she’s not mine anymore

the cool guy thrown into a whole new world
emotions so strong and a heart that’s hurt
rock n roll dreams all washed away in tears
nights without sleep full of demons and fears
but maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and she’s here

she’s my drugs my coffee cups my alcohol my queen
and when she smiles she leads my eyes
to wonders never seen

One wild year

I stumbled into your bed you stumbled into my heart
at steven’s birthday party where you cut your arm
cause one of the drunken boys down on the dancefloor
pushed you into a broken bottle of british lager beer
that we used to drink every weekend through one wild year

one wild year we had it
one wild year is not enough to get our shit together
so baby please come back and stay forever

3 am in the morning we kissed in the bathroom
you said I can take you home if you want to
your bed was almost as big as your heart is
you asked me to lay my head on your chest
oh and I loved your beautiful breasts
but last time I ended up drunk disordered and naked
on my living room floor and next time I’ll make it
I said to myself so please understand
if I don’t come close if I don’t take your hand in public
I rather keep cool and hold on to my beer
I got a feeling we’re up to another wild year

julie said she could fall in love with me
jenny said tim why don’t you marry me
alan says sheryl crow sounds sad this year
my mum says boy you better get your room clear
it’s one wild year

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What happens on the road …

Band :
Titel : What happens on the road ...
Release Date : 27/06/2007
Label :
Catalog ref. : KOR 00307
Format : CD