1. Heroin Lady (Beam)
2. Dream (Beam)
3. Roll with me (Beam)
4. The way I like it (Greuel)
5. Countryside Boy (Beam)
6. May I have a cigarette from you..darling? (Beam)
7. Seven days a week (Beam)
8. One more (Beam)
9. Leave me (Beam)
10. Kick off (Beam)
11. It’s just the lovely heart inside myself (Beam)
12. The Outlaw (Beam)



Beam: Vocals / Guitar
M.C. Ugh: Guitar / Backing Vocals
Joscha „Grülzmaschine“ Greuel: Bass / Backing Vocals
Philipp Bellinger: Drums / Percussion / Guitar

Produced and recorded by Fred Rapp
Mixed by Fred Rapp & Tim Beam
Mastered at MSM Munich
Studios: FR-Music, Schramberg, MSM Munich, Bellinger Living Room Dietersweiler
Artwork: Philipp Bellinger

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Return of the Outlaw

Band :
Titel : Return of the Outlaw
Release Date : 16/08/1996
Label :
Format : CD