Diamond in the rough


Released: 2002
Label: Brettklang Records
Producer: Fred Rapp
Recorded by Fred Rapp
Mixed by Fred Rapp & Oliver Noack
Mastered by Juergen Lusky
Studios: Fr-Music Schramberg, Temple Music Freiburg, HOFA Karlsdorf
Artwork: Volker A. Maas

1. Diamond in the rough (Beam)
2. Cars in the sun (Beam)
3. Cold is the world (P. Bellinger)
4. Empty bar (Beam)
5. Radio (Beam)
6. Long road (Beam)
7. Straight through (Beam)
8. Some things never die (Beam)
9. Slow summer – electro (Beam)
10. All alone in the snow (Beam)
11. Your favourite song (Beam)
12. Jennifer (Beam)
13. Last song (Beam)

Beam: Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Percussion
M.C. Ugh: Guitar
Andreas „Boonkid Jackson“ Scheibler: Drums
Hans Dinkelaker: Bass
Knipper: Harp / Backing Vocals
Maike Hofmann: Backing Vocals
Tina Müller: Backing Vocals
Stefan „Robin“ Büchler: Backing Vocals
Raphael „Raffa“ Winter: Drums
Philipp Bellinger: Drums
Uwe Herr: Slide Guitar
Sebastian Littin: Bassoon